About Us

We introduce ourselves as LabLink Pvt) Ltd, a reputed chemical company in Sri Lanka which is undertaking the orders to supply almost all laboratory chemicals and glasswares used in laboratories, in quality good – quick delivery passion.

We supply laboratory items including Laboratory Chemicals, Laboratory Glassware, Plastic-ware, Metalware, Culture Medias, Laboratory equipment to reach Universities, Research Laboratories, Schools, End-user or any Corporate/Public sector customers to suit varied requirements in Health Care, Food & Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary Science, Waste Water, Cosmetics, & Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing, etc. Also, we take the responsibility of delivering you the quality good products as soon as your request is made, as we know that quality and timeliness are much expected by you.


To be the exclusive distributor in Sri Lanka for some world-leading manufacturers with an extensive variety of quality products. Expansion of sales and service teams in order to develop a strong base of key customers. Increase the assets and investments of the company to support our customers with novel knowledge, better services. To become the key player in the industry of being the most preferred source for laboratory supplies and equipment.

Management & Marketing Team

Management and marketing teams are experienced graduates who have a science background which is something that the company believes is essential for a business like ours.

Warehouse and Logistics

Lab Link warehouse provides both dry and cold storage facilities to ensure the products are supplied with optimum environmental conditions until they reach the end-user. To minimize the delays in shipping within the country, the company has developed an efficient distribution strategy where a considerably larger inventory of fast-moving items is maintained.